My condition rating system:
M = MINT – Never had a finger laid on it. Or at least not leave any trace!
M-= NEAR-MINT – Models that look MINT close up, but have been touched by human hands and may even have a few minor paint chips. Wheels, windshields, decals, labels look MINT. No missing ladders, TV's, Cows, Horses, doors, drivers, etc.
2 = EXCELLENT – From 3 feet away, models looks NEAR MINT. Close up there may be several paint chips (here and there), the decals or labels may look a little worn. But wheels and windshields are intact. Accessories may be missing. At least one Cow, Horse, TV, ladder, etc.
3 = GOOD – Looks good from across the room. But, the windshield may have a hair crack, paint has seen better days with several obvious chips, and a wheel may be missing or axle bent. Decals, labels may be missing or a faded memory. Usually missing accessories. Typical “Played with condition”.
4 = CRAP – Looks good from outer space. Windshield melted or missing. No decals or labels. Paint chips cover 60 percent of vehicle. Wheels, what wheels? And filthy dirty or may have been repainted using a Q-Tip.
5 = WORTHLESS – Sid, the bad kid next door (Toy Story) either used explosives or gasoline to customize his models. Nothing remains but a burned out shell. Or, some overweight parent stepped on the model with work boots and flattened vehicle like a pancake.